About the Museum



Founded in 1916 by Judge Hal C. Phelps, the Miami County Museum has approximately 150,000 objects and archival material.

The Historical Society worked with the Miami County government to establish the Miami County Museum. The Miami County Historical Society has provided governance and resources for the Museum, making it one of the larger “small” museums in the country. The Miami County government has provided support for full time staff and building space.


The museum’s first home was on the fourth floor of the county courthouse. An expansion became necessary and an addition was added to the county library for the purpose of exhibiting additional parts of the collection.

The current building, old Senger Dry Goods Store, became available in the early 1980s. With this building both parts of the collection were combined under one roof. About 75,000 objects and archival materials were moved into the new space.

In 2005 the old Fincher’s Photography Studio was purchased by the Historical Society from a bequest. The building has been named after the donor, Lucille Ulery. The Museum Ulery Annex is the new home for our object collection.